Music & Memory Program

May 6, 2019 — Our Music & Memory Coordinator, Kayla had the following to say about Miss Laura’s participation on the Program: “Miss Lucille was added to our program in September of 2018. She was suggested for the program due to slight cognition problems (occasional confusion) and depression that was mostly associated with not wanting to get out of... Read More

May is National Blood Pressure Awareness Month

May 6, 2019 — Blood pressure can damage the heart, kidney, and brain without showing obvious symptoms. To combat its effects, it is important to know what your healthy blood pressure goal should be. What can you do to reduce blood pressure? Exercise. Exercise such as walking, lifting light weights, and simple workouts may reduce blood pressure. Lose weight.... Read More

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month

May 6, 2019 — Arthritis is a common ailment that affects nearly 54 million people in the United States. There are two common types of arthritis: osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of cartilage. It usually affects hips, knees, feet, and spine. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to mistake a person’s... Read More

Employee of The Month

May 6, 2019 — Hello my name is Constance Sharon Gibson and known to many as Connie. I am a woman of God who loves the things of God. I am married to Ricky Gibson, Sr and a mother of three and also a grandmother of seven. Me and my family live in Belle Rose and I began my... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

May 6, 2019 — This year seems to be flying by! It’s hard to believe it’s already May 2019. The children will be out of school soon, summer activities will begin, and of course, the weather will be heating up. Along with warmer weather, the month of May also brings us National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Please join us... Read More

The Origins of Easter

April 8, 2019 — The Easter holiday is a very important celebration in Christianity and honors Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The Christian church celebrates Easter on the first Sunday after the first full moon after March 21. This year Easter falls on April 21. Each year, Easter is preceded by Lent, a 40-day period of reflection and... Read More

Resident of the Month of April: Pauline L.

April 8, 2019 — Our resident of the month of April is Pauline L. and she has been a resident at MCHCC for about four months. She grew up in the country and enjoys spending time with her family. She has six nieces and nephews that she loves playing with. She also enjoys participating with activities and cheering on... Read More

Music & Memory Program

April 8, 2019 — Our Music & Memory Coordinator, Kayla had the following to say about Miss Laura’s participation on the Program: “This was taken the very first day Miss Laura received her iPod, and she was all smiles! Miss Laura has had a decline over the last few months and has struggled with several things from slurred speech... Read More

Employee of the Month

April 8, 2019 — Hello my is Sharon Ackman and I have been an employee at MCHCC for almost seven years as a licensed practical nurse. I have been married to my husband, Darren for twenty three years and we have two children together. In our spare time we like to spend time with our dog named Dax and... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

April 8, 2019 — Spring is in the air! Spring is the season of renewal, growth, and beautiful things. At Morgan City Health Care Center, we are looking forward to new opportunities in all areas. We are always thinking of new activities for recreation, therapy, and socialization, and invite you to be a part of it all. With the... Read More