Letter from the Administrator

With July comes heat, heat, and more heat in South Louisiana! While the Dog Days of Summer may require staying indoors more, that doesn’t mean the fun stops at Morgan City Health Care Center. We have lots of activities planned to keep our residents active, social, and entertained. We know a lot of our residents enjoy(ed) “going to the casino,” and we want to give them all that opportunity. We will have Casino Day in July where you can look for our living room to be turned into a makeshift casino. We know many of them will love it! Not all outdoor activities will cease, though, as we have one planned that will involve water balloons and possibly a dunking booth. Hmm…I wonder who will be dunked?! We can’t forget the Fourth of July celebration as we will surely have a great time then. As always, we invite you all to visit, participate, and spend quality time with our residents. You are always welcome at MCHCC!

Jeremy P. Ryman


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