Music & Memory Program

“Miss Mary was added to the program in March of this year to improve her cognition and overall quality of life. She was last featured in June and has continued to improve since then!

She is ALWAYS happy to hear her music stating, ‘I love music! If I don’t have music, I don’t have anything.’ Anytime we ask her if she’d like to listen to her iPod, her response is always something like this: ‘I would love that. I live for that’ or ‘Now that sounds like my thing.’ With her music, she enjoys tapping her hands on her lap, moving her feet, singing or mouthing the words to the song, dancing, playing the air piano, and smiling non-stop, After listening, she’ll state ‘I couldn’t ask for anything better right now.’ The music is the best part of her idle time, which she doesn’t have much since she is always participating in activities. One day after listening, she told me, ‘The skies are brighter, the grass is greener, it’s all better today.’ Being able to provide her with these euphoric moments truly is what makes our job worthwhile.”

Kayla Falgoust, Music & Memory Coordinator

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