Music & Memory Program

Our featured resident is Miss Mai N. Kayla Falgout, our Music & Memory Coordinator had the following to say regarding Miss Mai’s progress on the program:

“Miss Mai’s native language is Vietnamese, and she speaks very little English. This type of language barrier can make residents feel very isolated and frustrated. Miss Mai is a woman of strong faith and prays often, so I downloaded Vietnamese Christian music to her iPod as well as a podcast about the following of Christ. Another really great thing about having people with language barriers on the program is that the coordinator will work with them a lot, making their bond just as strong, if not stronger, than that of the resident and nurse. There have been several occasions in which Miss Mai struggled to make her needs known to her nurse, but I was able to assist her. This alone improves her quality of life which is always our focus at MCHCC. We are so happy that Miss Mai is able to enjoy Christian music and podcasts in her native language, and so is she”.


Kayla Falgout

Music and Memory Coordinator

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