Music & Memory Program

Our featured resident is Miss Peggy J. Kayla Falgout, our music and memory coordinator had the following to say regarding Miss Peggy’s progress on the program:

“Miss Peggy is one of our non-verbal residents at MCHCC. Since she cannot communicate verbally with others, she is at risk of feeling isolated. Music and memory is one of the ways we are able to help her feel more connected and improve her quality of life. Miss Peggy enjoys listening to swing music as well as gospel music, and both genres seem to help pull her out of her depressive and/or crying episodes. It is good to see her reacting to the music and knowing we are able to bring enjoyment to her and other residents who do not often connect much with others. Miss Peggy is a great example of how Music & Memory can improve the quality of life for not only residents with dementia, but for residents with other impairments as well”!


Kayla Falgout

Music and Memory Coordinator

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