Music & Memory Program

This month’s resident is Dot A. When asked about how Miss Dot is doing on the Program, our Music & Memory Coordinator, Kayla had the following to say:

“Miss Dot is a very sweet edition to our M&M program. She is mostly nonverbal, I would say. She has her days where she is alert and talkative, but most days she sits and doesn’t say anything, just gives the occasional smile. She often talks to her family, but not with the staff. However, almost every time I have put her music on her, she has changed completely. She really does “come alive”. She takes her hands from her face and talks when you talk to her. Sometimes, she even talks to passing staff first, before they’ve had a chance to speak to her. On her good days, she grabs my hand and will hold a complete conversation with me. I’ve also caught her joking around with her daughter when she has her music on. She is such a fun, sweet, loveable woman, and I am so happy the music brings that out of her again”.

Kayla Falgout

Music and Memory Coordinator

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