Music & Memory Program

Our Music & Memory Coordinator, Kayla had the following to say about Miss Laura’s participation on the Program:

“Miss Lucille was added to our program in September of 2018. She was suggested for the program due to slight cognition problems (occasional confusion) and depression that was mostly associated with not wanting to get out of her room. We thought this would be a great way to improve her quality of life, and so far, that seems to be true!

As of now, Miss Lucille is much more willing to come out of her room and enjoy sitting amongst her peers in our common areas. She really enjoys her music, describing it as ‘beautiful’ and ‘calming’. Just recently, she told me, ‘the music helped me a lot and it calmed my nerves.’ This really gives me confidence in knowing that the music truly is a useful non-pharmaceutical intervention to help patients with various cognitive issues. Miss Lucille has come so far, and I am excited to see how much further she will go.”

Kayla Falgout

Music and Memory Coordinator

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