Music & Memory Program

Our Music & Memory Coordinator, Kayla had the following to say about Miss Vernie’s participation on the Program:

“Miss Vernie was put on the program at the beginning of the year for anxiety and repetitive behaviors. Due to her anxiety and her poor cognition, she tends to ask staff and other residents the same questions, often multiple times within minutes and appears unsettled about things. Since she has been put on the program, she appears more focused and much calmer while listening to her music.

In the beginning, she didn’t like to listen for long at all, 30 minutes maximum. But now, she is actually asking for her music often and will listen all day! This indicates to us that she enjoys the music and the way it soothes her.

Since being added to the program, we have noticed that Miss Vernie’s anxiety has been greatly reduced, she is more social within the community, and her quality of life has improved. She is a big Music & Memory success, and we love to see her smiling face as she is listening to her Gospel music.”

Kayla Falgout

Music and Memory Coordinator

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