Music & Memory Program

“Miss Mary was added to the program in March to improve her cognition and her overall quality of life. She loves her music and talks very highly of it! When asked if she would like to listen to her music, she says things like, ‘Oh, I would love to.’ She also sees the music as something that is helpful to her well being. She says that it makes her feel better and that ‘if I can have my music during the day, I know I can sleep better at night.’ She also states, ‘Music levels me out.’ With her music on, she laughs, sings, taps her hands, and moves her feet.

I do believe her cognition has improved since being put on the program – especially involving her music. She can name most of the songs on her iPod and has told me about other artists that she enjoys. She once told me, ‘{Others} think I’m trying to live in the past, and sometimes I do, but I’m happy.’ Well, we’re happy for you, Miss Mary!

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