Music & Memory Program: Saul

“Mr. Saul has very poor vision, which causes him to keep his eyes closed during most activities and conversations. He does wear glasses which improve his eyesight, but it still remains poor. This impairment makes music an even more important part of his life.

Mr. Saul thoroughly enjoys sitting outside and could do this all day, every day. This activity is made even better with his iPod. He often requests to sit outside while he listens, and will add commentary like ‘yeah, you right!’ and ‘alright!’ while listening with a big smile. He also shares stories about how he used to dance and go to the clubs. He moves his head along to the music and taps his toes.

Our Music & Memory team has enjoyed building a relationship with Mr. Saul, and lately we’ve seen his closeness with the staff extending other places. He has started joking around with his CNAs at times. He has also gotten close with the therapy staff and will dance to the music they play in the therapy room. Being able to bring music into Mr. Saul’s life has given him so much joy and has given us the joy of seeing him in a new light.”

Kayla Falgoust, Music & Memory Coordinator

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