Crossword Puzzle Day is Saturday, December 21

— The first book of crosswords was published in 1924. It became a best-seller and crosswords replaced Mahjongg as the most popular American game. Crossword puzzles enhance memory, encourage logical thinking, and correct spelling. Some of the crossword clues are straightforward and only require a wide vocabulary. However, some contain devious clues, but there is always a logical link... Read More

Keep Yourself Healthy This Holiday Season

— Eat Snacks Moderately. Snacks are abundant during the holiday seasons. If you take a seat close to the snack table, you may have a tough time keeping yourself from unconsciously grabbing them. Try sitting on the other side of the room so you must make a conscious effort into getting up and walking over to get... Read More

Five Ways to Make a Mid-Season Holiday Change

— Start a holiday journal. Every evening write down three things you noticed that day, things that connected you with the meanings of the holidays. Meet or talk with someone new. Do you know your neighbors? Talking to someone new can be daunting, but remember start with a smile. Don’t know where to begin? Ask them... Read More

Candy Canes Are Festive and Fun!

— Candy canes are everyone’s favorite holiday treat. Their versatility makes them perfect for all kinds of decorative uses! Candy canes can be crushed or used whole in holiday arts and crafts projects. You can find candy canes sprinkled inside of cookies and other delicious Christmas recipes. Candy canes make great ornaments. You can buy real... Read More

How to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season with a Strong Immune System

— Cold and flu season will be upon us soon and there is no better time to protect yourself than right now with a strong immune system. What is the immune system? Very simply, our immune system is like a shield that protects our body from the germs, bacteria and viruses that can cause illness. The... Read More

Music & Memory Program

— “Miss Mary was added to the program in March of this year to improve her cognition and overall quality of life. She was last featured in June and has continued to improve since then! She is ALWAYS happy to hear her music stating, ‘I love music! If I don’t have music, I don’t have anything.’... Read More

Employee of the Month

— Our employee of the month of November is Helen F. She has been working in our dietary department for 11 years as a dietary aide. She also has another job as a security guard that she has been working for six years. She has two children: a boy and a girl. In her spare time... Read More

Resident of the Month

— Hello my name is Ms. Edna C. and I have been a resident here almost nine months. Some people call me “mae mae” and I enjoy socializing with others and helping others. I also enjoy attending daily exercise, noodle ball, bingo, and arts and crafts. I can be seen sitting outside when the weather is... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

— October was a busy month at MCHCC with our Burger Sale benefitting the Alzheimer’s Association, Trunk or Treat with MC Main Street, Fall Fest, and many other activities. November is shaping up to be just as busy. We’ll kick things off on Saturday, November 9 as Team MCHCC heads to Raceland to participate in the... Read More

Music & Memory Program: Saul

— “Mr. Saul has very poor vision, which causes him to keep his eyes closed during most activities and conversations. He does wear glasses which improve his eyesight, but it still remains poor. This impairment makes music an even more important part of his life. Mr. Saul thoroughly enjoys sitting outside and could do this all... Read More